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Serenity Village is conveniently located in Chesterfield, close to major access routes and many amenities such as stores and restaurants. We often offer same day appointment availability. Please call 586-949-6220 for scheduling. 

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phone:  1-586-949-6220

fax:  1-586-949-6225

47640 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield, MI, United States

Licensed by the State of Michigan​ & Accredited by Michigan Assisted Living Association (MALA)

Assisted Living


Welcome to Serenity Village!

Se.ren.i.ty (def) the state of being calm,  peaceful and untroubled.

Serenity Village is a newly renovated property that strives to provide our residents with all the comforts of home.  Our goal is to help ease the transition from hospital, rehabilitation, or independent living to assisted living, focusing on personalized care specific to an individual's needs that help encourage both choice and independence.